A2IM Awards New Music Seminar & Tommy Boy Founder Tom Silverman Libera Lifetime Achievement Award


Congratulations to Tom Silverman for receiving A2IM’s Libera Lifetime Achievement Award, honoring a true visionary to both the music industry and business! 

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Tom Silverman Kicking Off New Music Seminar 2012.

May 29, 2013 (NYC) – The American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) has announced the second annual Libera Awards Lifetime Achievement Award will honor industry visionary Tom Silverman, Founder of Tommy Boy Records and the upcoming New Music Seminar June 9-11. On June 20 at NYC’s Highline Ballroom, Silverman will be presented with the award by Founder of Island Records Chris Blackwell. Silverman is only the second person to receive the award, the first being Martin Mills in 2012.

Throughout his successful career, Tom Silverman has been a devoted and passionate leader for the independent music community and is a founding board member of A2IM. In addition to advocating the independent cause, most know Silverman as Founder of the independent record label Tommy Boy and for launching New Music Seminar.

Tommy Boy is widely recognized for significant contribution to the development of hip-hop, with Silverman responsible for singing artists such as De La Soul, Digital Underground, Queen Latifah, Naught By Nature, House of Pain, and Coolio; in addition to the development of electronic music with Information Society, Coldcut, LFO, and 808 State; LGBT with RuPaul; and the mega music compilations like “ESPN Jock Jams”.

The New Music Seminar began in 1980 and continued through 1996. During this period, the NMS was considered one of the most influential Music Business Conferences in the World and described as a pre-cursor to several of the current major music conferences. In 2009, the music industry was in a crisis after a decade of continually declining record sales and revived NMS, looking to find ways to break away from the failing traditional album-based model of the music business. NMS continues to be one of the most influential business conferences in the music industry, focusing on providing industry players, companies, and artists the knowledge, tools, and connections they need in order to succeed in the new music business.

NMS 2013 is only a few weeks away!

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