Announcing International Roundtable Discussion at NMS

Announcing International Roundtable Discussion at NMS


New Music Seminar 2014 Logo; June 8 - June 10, 2014; Music business conference

New Music Seminar Presents: The International Brainstorming Forum

The International Music Business Annual Meeting –
The world is getting smaller so your business can get bigger

Kicking off this June 8-10 in New York City, NMS will introduce the annual series of roundtables designed solely with the International Music Business in mind.

Goal: To annually convene the International music community for a high-level open discussion on challenges and issues in the global marketplace – how we can work together more efficiently to grow the music business bottom line, generate more income for companies and artists – and facilitate change.

How: Each year NMS will conduct an International Movement (panel) in conjunction with Midem. After the movement there will be an open-discussion breakout session focused on key topics and challenges.

When: Monday June 9
12:45-2:00pm – Midem Presents The Globalization of Music
2:00-3:00pm – International Open Forum

NMS Full Programming is June 8-10
Speakers: View 2014 NMS Players
Programming:  View 2014 NMS Full Schedule & Movements

Potential discussion topics:
• Breaking in other markets and the US market
• Licensing vs. Distribution deals
• Touring and booking in each territory
• Maximizing artist exposure potential in each territory
• Preparing for emerging revenue streams
• Labels and publishers: maximizing revenue, territory by territory.
• Terrestrial and Digital Radio – how to maximize exposure opportunities
• Neighboring Rights
• International synch opportunities
• Discuss International challenges and growth opportunities for business

Since this is the first series, the open session will allow you to voice your concerns and ideas for topics for the future.

Who: Pro-active individuals and companies who want to take charge of their careers. The ones that are tired of feeling at the mercy of technology and looking for new ways to progress in the music business – generate more revenue and grow the business from $22 Billion at retail to $100 Billion within the next decade.

Why: New York City is the place to do business. NYC offers the largest group of music business companies in one area…in the world. Beyond the networking and discussion at NMS, NYC is home to almost all the influential music business companies and organizations. After NMS, you have the opportunity to continue your discussions right in the offices of these companies – If you want to do business in music, you need to be in New York City.

Results: After NMS concludes the result of the discussions will be published on the NMS website and sent out to each of the delegates and participating companies. This document will include key discussion points and call-to-action for what we should accomplish in the next year.

In years to come this discussion will grow into the most important leadership discussion on how you can make a difference. It is important though for you to get in on the ground floor to have your voice heard to build the future of the music business

In Addition: NMS expects a substantial growth in music export on the artist and performers side. NMS will allow more opportunities for International songwriters and producers to collaborate with their peers in the US and more opportunities for countries to showcase their world-ready musicians.

See the caliber of our speakers on our video at:

The NMS Manifesto:
Everything we do at New Music Seminar is about belief in building the music business, embracing change, and belief in sustainable success for artists and their investors alike.

We provide a platform for discourse by the voices that disrupt the conventional, tackle key issues, and give a stage for emerging artists to shine.

NMS is the place to network, engage, and discuss the future of music and business.

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