Honduras, Punk, Haze, Pop, Brooklyn, NY[ezcol_2fifth]Brooklyn, NY
Black Bell Records
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“Not only does Honduras take after influences like Sid Vicious, Alex Turner and Bradford Cox, NYC’s local quartet and hazy noise rockers have really been stepping it up lately, especially with their latest single “Borders.” The 2012-founded band can be compared to a faster punk version of the Arctic Monkeys or a Deerhunter/Sex Pistols fusion. The Brit-sounding muffled vocals of Pat Phillips combined with the band’s knack for clean, well-tempered guitar work and percussion makes for a wild listen that will keep you looping their tracks.”

– Michael Haskoor, The Deli Magazine


Don’t miss Honduras performing live June 8-10, 2014 at NMS New Music Nights in NYC! They’ll be performing along with several other top emerging artists of 2014 you won’t want to miss.


Experience New Music Seminar 2014

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