Artists and The Branding of Cool

Artists and The Branding of Cool


Attention is always on Kanye West, be it a lavish celebrity wedding or a trademark controversial rant.  Last week an Adidas commercial attached West to one of the biggest global events – the 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil.

Adidas’s latest  pre-Cup campaign features an unreleased West track “God Level.”  The Adidas advert is part of West’s partnership with Adidas which includes a sneaker line due to be released in June this year.  At the Adidas Branding conference in Germany West pronounced “When I create and when we create, it’s not based off the idea of celebrity advertising.”

With a reputable track record with Nike and the Air Yeezy, West seems to be able to cross the threshold from celebrity endorsement to make a brand ‘cool.’ As alliances between artists, brands and technology companies continue to grow the issue remains how does an artist, brand or technology collaborate to foster a cool brand?

At NMS a roundtable of experts will discuss exactly this.  Check out The Branding of Cool: Round Table Discussion – Developing Artists, Technology, and Brands; An unlikely alliance along with other movements at NMS 2014.

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