1. Who attends NMS events, and who are our members?
    1. Everyone in all sectors of the music business – from students to artists to CEOs. 
  2. I’d like to know how to sign up for Artist on the Verge, have our music listened to, or perform.
    1. We do not accept direct submissions from artists. We rely on submissions media tastemakers, talent buyers, A&R scouts and other industry professionals to curate our artist spotlight and on the verge series.
  3. I have an idea for a panel and/or would like to be a speaker at New Music Seminar.
    1. Contact us here
  4. I would like to submit an Op-ed Piece.
    1. That process is here
  5. I would like to submit an article on an emerging artist.
    1. That process is here
  6. I would like to to be a guest on The Outsiders show
    1. That process is here
  7. I’m interested in sponsoring an NMS activity and looking for marketing opportunities.
    1. We have numerous options for you. Contact us here.
  8. Can I get a refund?
    1. NMS has a no refund policy. You can, however, transfer your registration to someone else.
  9. Is there a student discount code?
    1. Check with your educational institution. If they do not already have one, have them contact us here.
  10. I would like to intern/volunteer at NMS
    1. We’d love to have you. It’s a very rewarding experience. Click here for more info.
  11. Can you sign me?
    1. We’re not a label.
  12. Can you review my music?
    1. See #2
  13. How do I learn about your events
    1. Subscribe to our mailing list
  14. Still, have questions?
    1. Contact us here.