Kicking Off 2014: New Site, New Manifesto, New Ways To Discuss & More

Kicking Off 2014: New Site, New Manifesto, New Ways To Discuss & More


To kick off 2014 with a bang, we’re excited to reveal a new site, new manifesto, new discussions & more!

Following the 2013 conference we asked ourselves, Why should the discussion end here?

The answer is…it shouldn’t!

[pullquote]NMS is not just an annual conference, it is a year-round discussion.[/pullquote]

We’ve spent the past few months designing a site specifically for YOU and the rest of our passionate community.
Now you will be able to engage in discussions like the great ones you have during New Music Seminar – now anytime, anywhere, year-round.

Also new (and by far our favorite addition) is the “NMS Manifesto” which outlines our core beliefs.

[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”80%” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ] The NMS Manifesto

Everything we do at New Music Seminar is about belief in building the music business, belief in change, and belief in long-term success for artists and businesses alike.

We provide a platform for discourse by the voices who disrupt the conventional, tackle key issues, and give a stage for emerging artists to shine.

NMS is the place to network, engage, and discuss the future of music and business.



Peter Schwinge, NMS’ General Manager, spearheaded the initiative to amplify the mission of New Music Seminar and Tom Silverman’s vision of building a better, bigger, and stronger music business.

“We could talk ad infinitum about the caliber of speakers and topics discussed at the New Music Seminar but what I find important is to relay our mission. I am the lucky one who, on a daily basis, gets to sit in Tom Silverman’s office and hear his thoughts on how to build a better business and why he is so passionate about NMS.

I decided we need to build a platform where we can discuss the vision of a better music business and invite others to join in that conversation. NMS is not just an annual conference, it is a year-round discussion. This re-launched website is the first step for a different type of discussion – an evolving storyline about the challenges we all face in the music business and what can be done to tackle these issues and achieve success.

What you can expect is our content will consist of thought-driven articles about the business, posts from our partners, players, and the artists themselves. We welcome all of you to join in the discussion by sharing your comments and be part of the conversation.”


Welcome to our new site – let us know what you think. Be on the look out for more new features and updates over the next weeks!

Get ready to be a part of a different type of discussion – where you lead the conversation.

Jump right in and comment below to tell us what you want to discuss – your ideas, key issues, and more. We always love to talk music business!

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