Make More Money With Your Music: Why Artists Need To Register With SoundExchange Now


Since inception NMS’s partner SoundExchange has put nearly $2 billion into music creators’ pockets. In 2013 alone, SoundExchange paid $590 million to recording artists and record labels. With a mission to support, protect and propel the music industry forward, the organization is committed to collecting and paying digital performance royalties to featured artists and rights owners when their content is played on digital radio services.

soundexchange michael huppe nms 2013

Michael Huppe, President/CEO of SoundExchange, Opening Remarks at NMS 2013.

SoundExchange is necessary tool for any artist today. Not only does the organization provide the obvious benefit of potentially providing increased artist revenue, SoundExchange also is a top advocate for artists on legal and copyright issues in the digital age.

[pullquote]We are ensuring that digital radio listening is being converted into a reliable revenue stream for music creators
Michael Huppe, SoundExchange President/CEO[/pullquote]

Quick and free registration

In order for artists and rights owners to receive these royalties, they must first register with SoundExchange. Registration is not only fast but free, so you can start collecting your hard earned money at no cost.

Begin your registration with SoundExchange here!

Active programs to match artists with unclaimed royalties

SoundExchange actively engaged with more than 150 organizations during the last few years to identify and locate artists. Through matching programs, the organization matches up third party membership lists with artists and labels with unclaimed royalties to get them registered. CD Baby, MySpace, BandPage, ReverbNation, SAG-AFTRA, AFM and others have helped SoundExchange locate royalty recipients. SoundExchange also uses internal staff and conference appearances to help locate unregistered artists. In the last three years those efforts resulted in 40,000 registrations.

Monthly royalty payments

To better serve music creators, in January 2014, SoundExchange announced the shift to pay artists and labels more frequently by providing monthly payments. Previously, SoundExchange sent royalty payments quarterly to its registrants, and is now the first sound recording performance rights organization in the world to offer monthly payments.

“By making performance royalties available sooner, we are making it easier for recording artists and record labels to focus on creating the music we all enjoy,” said SoundExchange President and CEO Michael Huppe.

The lowest administrative fee

SoundExchange maintains the lowest administrative fee of any major performance rights organization in the world because we believe creators deserve more for their contributions to the digital music space, not less. In 2012, SoundExchange had an administrative fee of 4.9 percent.

So, what are you waiting for? If you aren’t already registered with SoundExchange, do so now and start making more money per month with your music!

Discussion on digital royalties and other topics will talk place at New Music Seminar 2014! Have your voice heard and register today –

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