On The Radar: Eagulls, Nick Nikon, Jay Taylor

On The Radar: Eagulls, Nick Nikon, Jay Taylor


If you haven’t figured it out, we kind of like music.

We love discovering new stuff and also helping turn others onto what we find. This week we asked the NMS team what’s playing in their headphones that they can’t stop obsessing over and think you should be obsessing over it to.

Here’s three artists our team thinks you need to check out this Tuesday: UK-rockers Eagulls, Nick Nikon’s heavy bass and irresistible beats, and emerging country artist Jay Taylor.


Alaister Moughan, Writer

Don’t be deceived by the Dad band baiting name, Eagulls are frantic. Listening to ‘Possessed’ one can detect the doom of post-punk Manchester, the rollick of Fugazi and most prominently the Chav-y crys of lead singer George Mitchell.

FYI. Wikipedia’s definition of Chav is useful here… “displays brash and loutish behavior.” Sounds like Eagulls to me.

Nick Nikon

Helen Bolanos, Speaker Coordinator

Toronto’s very own, Nick Nikon, producer/singer-songwriter, has produced some beats that cannot simply be heard without making your head nod. Nick Nikon’s music is known for his “electronic R&B” feel which incorporates a fusion of heavy bass lines where the kick and sub bass are one, while having some light vocals thrown into the mix.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/138234819″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

When describing his music, Nikon said, “I really want the electronic R&B stuff to sound like transformer robots fucking.” As odd as that may sound, take a listen with his cover song from Ja Rule’s “Put It On Me” or one of his original works “Out There” and experience for yourself.

Jay Taylor

Lisa Marie Smith, Director of Social Media

Ever stumble upon a new artist, which you think you won’t be into but than you fall in love with? I discovered that very type of artist while searching for new Stageit shows to watch.

Meet Nashville’s Jay Taylor.

Taylor’s debut album Plain and Simple offers the sound of old world country, reminiscent of George Strait or Garth Brooks. It contains the perfect blend of line dancing, in love and broken heart tracks. The must listen to song from Taylor’s debut is definitely “Itty Bitty Pretty Little Country Thang”. This is the kind of music that will get your night started on an up beat note!


Taylor released his self-titled EP in 2012 which offered listeners a noticeably different sound from his previous album. Artists that generally change their style even if only a little are met with ridicule – instead his fans embraced the sound. While all 6 tracks offer you a little something of everything the best song is, “Big Ring”; trust me ladies!

Currently, Jay Taylor has started a crowdfunding campaign in order to help raise funds to record and produce his next full-length album. View Jay Taylor’s crowdfunding campaign here.

This artist will certainly leave a lasting impression on you – I know he did on me.

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