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If you have any questions or would like to discuss a customized sponsorship package email: sponsorship@newmusicseminar.com

Why NMS?

“The New Music Seminar is the single best gathering of cutting edge music industry visionaries on the scene today.” – Steve Greenberg – Founder/CEO, S-Curve

Every June, NMS is hosted in the Business Capital of the World. NYC is an International hub for the Majors, Indies, Publishers, Booking Agents, Music Tech, PROs, Management Companies, Radio, & Streaming, Legal, Marketing & PR, along with a vibrant creative scene of artists, songwriters and producers. It’s the place where music business happens. 

NMS depends primarily on corporate and private sponsorship, ad buys, and exhibitors for financial support so we can continue to be a source in building the music business to help artists and businesses alike. We have numerous sponsorship options to fit your budget which you can find in our Marketing Opportunities Deck.

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At NMS, you have higher quality engagement with the attendees. Between every movement there is a 60-minute Networking break to allow for deeper discussion – and because we adhere to the “less is more” mentality and limit the amount of exhibitors, it reduces decision fatigue on our attendees which helps your product, service, or music showcase stand out instead of getting lost in an abundance of competition.

We have over 180 speakers – the leaders, game-changers, disruptors, and visionaries – that debate the real issues in the music business and create positive, impactful solutions to grow the Music Business and help more artists and businesses flourish.

From June 21-23, 2015 – you’ll be joining in the largest movement to build the music business – be part of the community that is affecting change – and cultivate a large, passionate customer base. Just picture it… Isn’t that an awesome thing to imagine?

At NMS, we work closely with each of our partners so we develop packages that are customized to the needs of your brand.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a customized package, please email: sponsorship@newmusicseminar.com

NMS: Transforming the Music Business