Rhapsody Becomes First Digital Service to Provide Liner Notes


May 7, 2013 – (LA) Tuesday at NARM’s Music Biz Conference in LA, Rhapsody International announced a new first for digital music, the addition of liner notes and credits to their digital subscribers.

Rhapsody will be the first digital music service to support The Recording Academy’s new “Give The Fans Credit” initiative, which promotes the inclusion of credits for songwriters, non-featured performers such as session musicians and backing vocalists, producers, and engineers that are not currently featured in digital music but are available as liner notes in physical media. Most digital music services currently only provide the song title, album, and featured artist to subscribers.

nms_jonirwinRhapsody listeners are avid music fans who value the craft of musicianship and recording, and they want to know who was involved in bringing a song to life.

We have a responsibility to our listeners to back this initiative, and further, view the inclusion of more complete credits as a truly useful feature that will only deepen our listeners’ connection to their favorite artists and songs. 

– Jon Irwin
President/CEO, Rhapsody International

Find out more information about the Recording Academy’s “Give The Fans Credit” initiative.

By providing listeners with digital liner notes including credits and more information on their favorite songs, new trends in how consumers discover and purchase music may emerge. Rhapsody is the first to demonstrate their support for “Give The Fans Credit” – will other digital music services will follow their lead?

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