VanLadyLove Wins New Music Seminar’s 2014 ‘Artist On The Verge’ Award!

VanLadyLove Wins New Music Seminar’s 2014 ‘Artist On The Verge’ Award!

(L-R) Tom Silverman (Executive Director/Founder NMS), VanLadyLove, Peter Schwinge (General Manager NMS)

(L-R) Tom Silverman (Executive Director/Founder NMS), VanLadyLove, Peter Schwinge (General Manager NMS)

A huge congratulations to the 2014 New Music Seminar ‘Artist On The Verge’ (AOV) winner, VanLadyLove!

NMS Founder Tom Silverman and Executive Producer Dave Lory concluded 2014’s New Music Seminar on Tuesday evening, as both took to the stage to announce the results. A packed house in The New Yorker Hotel’s Grand Ballroom eagerly waited to hear the big announcement. Following an unbelievable showcase at DROM in the Lower East Side, attendees had absolutely no way of predicting this year’s prize winner. 

This year’s AOV winner, Provo rockers VanLadyLove, will receive roughly $100,000 worth of recording equipment, gear and consultations, an exclusive interview with The Aquarian Weekly, and expert consultations from SoundExchange, Fox Rothschild LLP, BMI, BandPage, SABIAN, SESAC, Paul Greco (Director of Music, JWT  Agency), and NMS Executive Director and Tommy Boy Founder, Tom Silverman. VanLadyLove will also perform a 30-minute showcase at the JWT Agency in front of their Creative and Production departments, exposing them to the executives responsible for selecting music for creative advertising. 



VanLadyLove celebrates winning New Music Seminar’s AOV 2014 Award, showing off prizes from Gibson, SABIAN and more.


But wait, there’s more! VanLadyLove will receive recording and mastering services by Threshold Recording Studios NYC, The Log Cabin, and The Lodge. In addition, Musicmetric has offered to supply our winner with one year of service free of charge. If you’d like to read more about VanLadyLove, stay tuned for the iHeartRadio article to be published on a variety of its station sites via our friends at Clear Channel. You can also check out Rhapsody’s social media channels and website for more information!

Listen to VanLadyLove’s recent release Love Matter below. Trust us, you’ll be seeing much more of these boys around and quickly!

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About the Artist on the Verge Project:

Each year, New Music Seminar compiles a comprehensive list of the top 100 ‘Artists On The Verge’ (AOV), selecting the most promising talent from a list of over 1,000 nominees. For more information about the NMS “AOV” Project, click here. This year’s AOV Top 3 included Brooklyn-based, alternative R&B artist Kiah Victoria, Provo, Utah alternative pop group VanLadyLove, and Philly rockers June Divided. Each of our three finalists received an unprecedented number of votes during the AOV Showcase, leaving us no doubt that we’d be seeing them all again real, real soon. 

Congratulations again to VanLadyLove and the rest of our AOV Top 3. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in this years Artist On The Verge Project, and encourage anyone and everyone to take part next year! This is why we created the AOV Project: to help you rise above the noise floor. To be seen. To be heard. 

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