New App Lively Launches, Lets You Take the Concert Home!



May 20, 2013 (Seattle, WA) – Monday marked the launch of the new concert recording and sales app Lively, which offers a simple way to create lasting memories of your live concert experiences. The app automatically captures live music performances at venues of all sizes and makes them available for concert-goers immediately for purchase via the Lively app (available on iOS and Android).

Lively: The Basic Concept

Lively’s Audio Manager (designed to be used with the Apogee Duet audio interface) provides the software applications, downloads, and tools required for any artist to capture and sell quality audio and video of their shows. Artists and venues can download the software onto an iPad, plug the device into the audio booth, and the audio is then immediately uploaded via the app, available to concert-goers right after the performance. Since a film crew is necessary for video recordings, it works differently than audio. According to Lively’s site, video performances are available 24 hours after the show.

Concert-goers download the free Lively app onto their iOS or Android device, this allows them to purchase the performance they just attended immediately after it ends for $4.99 (audio-only) or $9.99 (audio and video, both).

The Lively concept came about in response to the overwhelming number of fans we observed at concerts who were attempting to use their phones to capture the experience and memory of a live show and share it with their friends…

Each live show is such a unique performance and an individual experience for each fan; we just saw the need for a better way to capture the experience. We take care of everything for the concert-goer, so they can just relax and enjoy the show.

The feedback from the fans, artist, and music community has been amazing! Lively has introduced a new way to deliver a high quality experience for the fans and help drive new incremental revenue and exposure for the bands.

-Dean Graziano
Founder and CEO, Lively

Division of Revenue

The Apple and Android App Store receive 30% of the overall revenue. The remaining 70% is split 70/30 between the artist and Lively, resulting in the artist receiving approximately 49% and Lively 21% of the original sum.

A New Revenue Opportunity For Artists

Lively is designed to provide a new revenue stream for artists beyond merchandise and tour sales, in addition to providing consumers a new way to view live shows and interact with the artists. The ability to take a memory of a live concert experience home as a tangible audio or video recording could also lead to an increase in spending on live entertainment. Many passive fans refuse to pay much (if at all) for live shows because they don’t see the value in paying for one night of music, but being able to have that experience forever may change many individuals views that they actually will get their “moneys worth” at live performances –  which may result in increased tour sales.

Want to check out the full Lively experience? Click here to watch a demo.

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